Charles I silver Memorial medal

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JOHN ROETTIER (worked from c.1660)

Silver Charles I Memorial medal executed in England in circa 1649 by John Roettier after the Restoration. Obverse: Bust of Charles I facing right, in simple armour and with drapery around the bottom of the bust. Legend: CAROL . D . G . M . B . F . ET . H . REX . & . GLOR . MEM. Reverse: Hand from Heaven holding a celestial crown. Below, a landscape with sheep feeding unattended by a shepherd. Legend: VIRTUT. EX . ME . FORTUNAM . EX . ALIJS. ([Seek] virtue from me, fortune from others.).

John Roettier was the eldest son of an Antwerp goldsmith. He came to England soon after the Restoration and worked as one of the engravers at the Mint. He became Chief Engraver at the Mint on the death of Rawlins and held the office until 1697. It is considered by "Medallic Illustrations" that his medallic engraving was the finest produced in England since the Restoration, with the exception of a few pieces made by the Simons.

This is one of three very similar medals . See "Medallic Illustrations of British History" vol. I, p347, No. 201. Evelyn has stated that the portrait of Charles I on these three medals is "incomparably the most resembling his serene countenance when fullest of princely vigour."

See "Medallic Illustrations of British History" vol. I, page 347, No.201.
Good,almost Extremely Fine

Diameter: 1.40 inch (3.56 cm)

Weight: 0.50 Troy Ounces (15.55 grams)