CHARLES II Stuart Pincushion and Silver Sewing Etui by John Albright. Circa 1680-1685.

Stock No. 7730
Maker Hallmarked
JOHN ALBRIGHT (worked from c.1720)
London 1680

Now very rare CHARLES II Stuart pincushion and silver sewing etui.
Maker: John Albright (IA crowned). Circa 1680-1685

The two items are joined together by a coarse silver linked chain which is stamped on the central ring with the lion passant. The silver needle case is 'scratch-engraved' with acanthus leaf designs and is made up of a three-lugged, hinged thimble case on top of a tubular needle case which opens at the other end. Both compartments open with wrought-iron spring-catches. The silver-mounted circular pincushion at the other end of the chain is covered on one side with cream velvet which has almost all been torn away showing the hessian-like backing material. The other side is covered by a dark brown material. Both sides are framed by a 'vandyke edging' which is engraved with an acanthus design and secured by large-headed pins which steady the frame, many of these have now disappeared. The maker's mark 'IA' with crown above for John Albright is struck only on the needle case.
The owners initials 'E P' are clearly engraved beneath the hinge of the thimble case.

This needlework accessory has survived in remarkably good condition apart from the worn textile and a very similar item, also by John Albright, is listed and photographed in Eric Deleib's "Investing in Silver" P. 141.

Length: 2.9 inches (7.4cm)
Diameter: Pin Cushion 1.1 inches (2.8cm)
Weight: 0.72 troy ounces (22.4 grams) without pin cushion
Silver, Velvet / Satin Textile
Condition: Excellent condition, considering its age, apart the worn textile and missing pins.