Early GEORGE III Sterling Silver Shaker. London 1776 by Benjamin Stephenson.

Stock No. 0702
Maker Hallmarked
BENJAMIN STEPHENSON (worked from 1775)
London 1776

Unusual large GEORGE III sterling silver shaker.
Maker: Benjamin Stephenson. London 1776

The elegantly plain fluted body has two silver lugs opposite each other on the inside near the top of the rim, enabling the lid to be attached to the body in a bayonet style.
The lid of the shaker is pierced all over in the shape of six flower petals.
The full set of hallmarks are stamped near the top rim of the body. The Kings Head has been inadvertantly struck twice.
A contemporary family crest of a lion rampant, facing right is engraved in the centre of the shaker's body. It is also engraved on one of the lid petals. The lion passant and maker's mark are stamped centrally on the lid.
This is a beautiful piece of silver with a lovely patina.

Width: 4 inches (10.16cm) at the top.
Height: 4.6 inches (11.7cm) incl. lid.
Weight: 6.63 troy ounces (200 grams)
Condition: Excellent