GEORGE I Set of 8 Sterling Silver Dessert Spoons by Andrew Archer. London 1723.

Stock No. 8754
Maker Hallmarked
ANDREW ARCHER (worked 1703-c.1725)
London 1723

Very early GEORGE I set of 8 sterling silver Hanovarian pattern dessert spoons.
Maker: Andrew Archer. London 1723.

The spoons have a decorative end to the front of the stem which is not often seen. The reverse of the stem has a double drop joining it to the bowl and there is an engraved family crest at the tip of a lion rampant looking left and holding a halberd.
The full set of hallmarks are clearly stamped on the stem's reverse. These hallmarks are the first set to be stamped in the manner still used today in London after the Britannia Standard.
These are beautiful spoons and the decorative end to the tip of the stem makes them very unusual.

Length: 6.5 inches (16.5cm)
Weight: 7 troy ounces (218 grams) the set of 8
Sterling silver
Condition: Excellent