GEORGE II Sterling Silver Tea Caddy by Pezé Pilleau. London 1738.

Stock No. 8844
Maker Hallmarked
PEZÉ PILLEAU (worked 1724-1755)
London 1738

Beautifully designed GEORGE II sterling silver tea caddy.
Maker: Pezé Pilleau. London 1738.

The caddy has a reeded pull-off lid and is engraved in the centre with a contemporary family crest of a fox walking to the left on a Cap of Maintenance.
The body of the caddy is facetted with indented and protruding ridges. The top third of the body is beautifully engraved with a delightful Rococo design leaving the rest of the body plain. The circular foot is also reeded matching the lid.
The full set of hallmarks is stamped on the underside of the caddy and is extremely well protected by the foot. The inside of the lid is clearly stamped with the maker's mark, the lion passant and one other mark which is too small to be determined.
Pezé Pilleau specialised in an unusual design of jug with a facetted body and his work always had a subtle elegance.

Height: 4.3 inches (10.9cm)
Width at widest point: 3.5 (8.9cm)
Weight: 4.9 troy ounces (276.2 grams)
Sterling Silver
Condition: Excellent with good clear marks.