GEORGE III Set of 4 Sterling Silver Rectangular Salts by Emes and Barnard. London 1809.

Stock No. 8904
Maker Hallmarked
REBECCA EMES & EDWARD BARNARD I (worked from 1808)
London 1809

Crisp and sparkling set of 4 GEORGE III sterling silver rectangular salts, each on a hollow rectangular foot.
Maker: Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard. London 1809.

The rim of each salt has a thin applied gadrooned border while the lower part of the body is covered with a gadrooned decoration. The lower part of each foot is decorated with a vertical band of reeding. The inside of the salts are gilded in order to protect the silver.
Each salt is engraved beneath the rim with a contemporary family crest of a right hand holding a bunch of thistles.
The full set of hallmarks and maker's mark is also stamped beneath the rim and while the hallmarks are very crisp, the maker's mark is slightly mis-cast but legible.
One of the salts has what is termed a 'spilly' on one side of the lower gadrooning but is not visible when the salts are standing on the table and also cannot be seen on the inside of the salt bowl. 'Spillys' are caused when the object is being made if some dirt falls in when the silver and alloy is being mixed and happened occasionally.
These salts have been beautifully made and finding four in a set is rare today. Apart from salt, these receptacles are large enough to be used for spices, sauces or other condiments.

Length: 3.6 inches (9.1cm)
Width: 2.7 inches (6.9cm)
Height with foot: 1.6 inches (4cm)
Weight: 12 troy ounces (404 grams) all four salts.
Sterling Silver, Gilt
Condition: Extremely good in spite of the aforementioned 'spilly'