GEORGE III Sterling Silver Fancy Back Table Spoon. London 1770.

Stock No. 7547
Maker Hallmarked
BENJAMIN CARTWRIGHT II (worked c.1754-c.1782)
London 1770

Crisply executed fancy back sterling silver tablespoon. GEORGE III London 1770 by Benjamin Cartwright II.

This late Hanoverian tablespoon is stamped on the reverse of the bowl with a very decorative design, while the hallmarks and maker's mark at the foot of the stem are very clearly stamped.
The tip of the reverse of the stem is engraved with the initials I*M over B*P. The date of 1779 is engraved beneath by a different hand. It is quite possible that this spoon marks the marriage of the two sets of initials above with the date of the occasion beneath.
Although this is a Hanoverian tablespoon, its shape is very transitional with the Old English design and it would make a lovely gift.

Length: 8.3 inches (21cm)
Weight: 1.27 troy ounces. (39.5 grams)
Sterling silver
Condition: Excellent.