QUEEN ANNE Set of Six Britannia Standard Silver Dog Nose Table Spoons by John Sutton. London 1705.

Stock No. 8903
Maker Hallmarked
JOHN SUTTON (worked from c.1668)
London 1705

Good set of six QUEEN ANNE Britannia Standard silver dog nose table spoons.
Maker: John Sutton. London 1705.

The full set of hallmarks are slightly worn with age but are legible while the maker's mark (SU) are good and clear. John Sutton's mark was the first mark on the Mark Plate. He acted as Warden for a number of years and became Prime Warden in 1707.
The tip of the back of the stem is engraved with a contemporary family crest of a hound with front right paw raised.
The bowls of five of the spoons are well shaped while the sixth bowl has obviously been used more than the others and has slight wear on the top edge.
It is rare today to find six dog nose table spoons by the same maker and of the same date.

Length: 8.2 inches (21cm)
Weight: 10 troy ounces (311 grams) the six.
Britannia Standard Silver
Condition: Very good.