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Rare silver Copley Medal of the Royal Society struck in 1737. Medallist - John Sigismund Tanner. Obverse: Pallas, seated among emblems of the Arts and Sciences, holds out a wreath in her right hand. With her left arm she cradles the symbol of nature (the Ephesian Artemis). At her feet, the armorial shield of Copley. Legend: G. COPLEY BART. DIGNISSIMO. (Godfrey Copley, Baronet, to the most worthy.) The T at the base of the seat stands for the medallist John Sigismund Tanner. Reverse: The armorial shield of the Royal Society with crest and supporters. Legend: SOCIETAS REG . LONDINI. (The Royal Society of London.) In exergue: The motto of the Society on a ribbon, NULLIUS IN VERBA. (Not on any one's authority.)
Maker :- John Sigismund Tanner
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Condition :-Extremely Fine and nicely toned
Circa :- 1737  
Size :- 1.7 inches (43.2 mm) diameter
In 1709, Sir Godfrey Copley bequeathed the sum of one hundred pounds to any distinguished discoverer or improver in matters of science. The interest from this sum was to be annually presented by Trustees whom he had chosen himself. After the death of these Trustees, the disposal was entrusted to the Council of the Royal Society and in 1736, the Council converted the money payment into a gold medal. This gold medal was presented to Mr. John Belchier in 1737 for a treatise on the "Experiment of Dyeing the Bones of living Animals Red with Madder Root". His name and the date of presentation were engraved in the exergue on the obverse. This gold medal is in the British Museum and is unique. Specimens in silver and copper were only struck as proofs or for collectors and "Medallic Illustrations" rates these medals as rare. (See MI vol II. page 522/81)
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