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Interesting Celtic- shaped Victorian, sterling silver, Scottish Piggin. The body stands on a flat foot and has straight, tapered sides rising to a stepped rim. The silver is unadorned except for two bands of reeding. One at the base of the body and the other near the rim. Two hollow, lug-shaped handles are applied at rim level. The full set of hallmarks, including the maker's mark are clearly stamped between the rim and the upper band of reeding.

Maker :- H. C & Co

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Condition :-Extremely good condition with clear hallmarks and a good patina
Hallmarked :- Edinburgh 1874 Hallmarks  
Size :- 2.7 inches (6.9 cm) high
3.2 inches (8.1 cm) diameter at base
4.1 inches (10.4 cm) diameter at rim
0.8 inches (2.0 cm) length of each lug handle
Weight :- 6.4 ozt (198.2 g)
Like the Quaich, the Piggin was originally a Scottish drinking vessel. In the 17th Century, it was made of wooden staves, tied together with willow. By the Victorian era, the Piggin had progressed to being made in sterling silver and one of its frequent uses was to contain butter. To-day, the Piggin is a very versatile object and has many more uses. Perfect for ice when serving pre-dinner drinks, it could also be used as an amusing receptacle for cream, sugar, a variety of sauces and it would look well filled with chocolates, biscuits or flowers. Its shape ensures that it will always be a conversation piece.
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