Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector, silver medal

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector, silver medal


Very interesting silver medal of Oliver Cromwell executed by an unknown artist in Geneva as an emulation of Thomas Simons official medal celebrating Cromwells elevation to the Protectorate on 16 December, 1653. This medal must have been executed a little later than that of Thomas Simon. Obverse: Three-quarters bust of Oliver Cromwell in plain falling collar, armour and scarf with fringe and looped on right shoulder. Legend: OLIV . D . G . R . P . ANG . SCO . ET . HIB . PRO. Under the bust - T. S. (for Thomas Simon). Reverse: A lion sejant, laureate, supporting the shield of the Protectorate:- 1 and 4. Cross of St George, 2. Cross of St. Andrew, 3. Irish harp. On an escutcheon of pretence, the paternal coat of Cromwell. Legend: PAX . QVAERITVR . BELLO. (Peace is sought by war.) See Medallic Illustrations vol. I, p. 410/46.

Thomas Simons medal broke across the middle of the die of the reverse after only having been used for a short while, so adding to the rarity of his medal. This medal, executed by an unknown artist in Geneva, was produced as a pecuniary speculation in consequence of the high price obtained for Simons medal. Although the reverse is the same, the obverse is similar but not identical either in the detail or in the abbreviation of the legend. Furthermore, the unknown artists obverse is signed T. S. while Simons medal is signed THO : SIMON . F.


Diameter 1 cm / "

c 1653




United Kingdom


Almost Extremely Fine. This medal has been struck in very high relief and in consequence the tip of Cromwells nose on the front of the medal has been flattened. The more prominent parts of the lions mask on the reverse have also been flattened