Elizabeth I silver medal. Assistance to the United Provinces

Elizabeth I silver medal. Assistance to the United Provinces


Obverse: Elizabeth I, crowned, seated facing attended by Leicester holding an open book on which are swords; she presents a sword to two deputies of the United Provinces. Legend: E.R. EST. ALTRIX. ESVRIENTIVM. EVM. (Queen Elizabeth is the nourisher of those who hunger after Him, i.e. God.) Exergue: 1586. Reverse: A sword, the point in clouds bearing the name of Jehovah in Hebrew. Legend: SERMO. DEI. QVO : ENSE. ANCIPI : ACVTIOR. (The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword.). See Medallic Illustrations vol. I, page 133/No.87.

Leicester was considered the great champion of Protestantism and is therefore placed by the side of Elizabeth I, who is offering her sword of assistance to the United Provinces. On the reverse, the Provinces are reminded that God must be their mainstay, however valuable the sword of Elizabeth I may be. This medal was struck as a counter to publicise the good relations between England and the United Provinces and the support England was giving to the United Provinces against Spain.


Diameter 29 cm / 11 12"



United Kingdom


Very Fine, pierced