James I silver medal - Peace with Spain

James I silver medal - Peace with Spain


Obverse: Bust of James I, three-quarters, right. His hat crowned and plumed, a jewel under the brim, doublet slashed, falling lace collar. Legend: IACOBVS . D . G . ANG . SCO . FR . ET . HIB . REX. (James, by the grace of God, King of England, France and Ireland.) Reverse: Peace holding a palm branch and supporting a cornucopia, facing Religion holding beacon-light and cross. Legend: HINC . PAX . COPIA . CLARAQ . RELIGIO. (Hence peace, plenty and pure religion.) Exergue: A. 1604. See Medallic Illustrations vol. I page 193/No. 14.

This medal was struck to commemorate the peace with Spain which was established in 1604. This is the only medal on which James is styled King of England and Scotland in the same manner as on his coins prior to 20 October 1604.


Diameter 33 cm / 13 "



United Kingdom


Obverse: Very Fine. The high points have been flattened. Reverse: Fine, almost Very Fine