Memorial of Charles I silver medal

Memorial of Charles I silver medal



Striking and skilfully executed silver medal cast in high relief. Memorial of Charles I, 1649. Obverse: Inner legend - CARL . I . V . G . G . KONIG VON ENGEL : SCHOTT : UND IRRLAND. (Charles I, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland and Ireland.) Outer legend - LEYDEN GOTT UND OBRIGKEIT. (God and the Sovereign power suffer.) Beneath, F. which is the artists initial. Reverse: a seven-headed monster, right, over the fallen head of Charles, his crown and scepter. Legend - in continuation of that on the obverse - BEI DES POFELS MACHT UND STREIT. (By the mobs might and strife). See Medallic Illustrations volume I, p.352/210.

Size :- 1.8 inches (45.7 mm) diameter




United Kingdom


Almost Extremely Fine, slight flattening on the very high relief. Cleaned a little while ago