Rare loyalty badge. Charles I and Henrietta Maria

Rare loyalty badge. Charles I and Henrietta Maria



Rare, beautifully cast and chased silver loyalty badge in high relief of Charles I and Henrietta Maria with plain border and suspension loop. Believed to have been executed by Thomas Rawlins. Circa 1648. Obverse: Bust of Charles I, left, laureate, hair long, in armour with lions head on shoulder, medal suspended on a chain and mantle festooned upon the breast. Reverse: Bust of Henrietta Maria, left, hair flat at the top, curly at the sides, drawn through a small coronet behind and tied into a bow. Pearl necklace and pendant, figured bodice with brooch in front, bust terminated in drapery. No legend.

Size :- 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) long inclusive of suspension loop x 0.9 inches (22.86 mm) wide

Maker :- Thomas Rawlins




United Kingdom


Extremely Fine with just a very small amount of flattening on the very high points of hair and clothing