Charles I - English Coronation

Charles I - English Coronation


Bust of Charles I (right), crowned, in ruff, ermine robes, collar and badge of the Garter. Legend: CAROLUS.I.DG.MAG.BRITAN.FRAN.ET.HIB.REX. Below, N.B. for Nicholas Briot. Reverse: An arm issuing from the clouds holds a sword. Legend: DONEC.PAX.REDDITA.TERRIS. (Until peace is restored to the earth.) Exergue: CORON.2.FEBRU.1626. See Medallic Illustrations Vol.1, p.243/10.

This medal was executed by Nicholas Briot and struck for general distribution at the Kings coronation. There are at least two varieties of this medal. James left the kingdom with troops to help the United Provinces establish their independence and also to help Count Palatine recover his kingdom of Bohemia. Charles was in full approval and on this medal he asserts his determination to further the war to a successful end. Nicholas Briot was born in Lorraine and was one of the chief engravers to the Paris Mint under Louis XIII. He effected an improvement in the balance for striking coins. Briot came to England in 1625 and was appointed Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint in 1633. Medallic Illustrations describes his dies for coins and medals as gems of medallic art.


Diameter 31 cm / 12 "



United Kingdom


Very Fine