CHARLES I Scottish Coronation by Nicholas Briot. London 1633.

CHARLES I Scottish Coronation by Nicholas Briot. London 1633.


CHARLES I Scottish coronation medal.

Maker: Nicholas Briot. London 1633.

Beautifully executed silver medal by Nicholas Briot issued on the coronation of Charles I in Edinburgh on 18th June, 1633.

Obverse:- Bust of Charles I looking left, crowned, in falling lace collar, wearing ermine robes and the collars of the Garter and the Thistle. Legend:- CAROLVS . D : G . SCOTIAE . ANGLIAE . FR . ET . HIB . REX.

Reverse:- A thistle and a rose tree combined. Legend:- HINC . NOSTRAE . CREVERE . ROSAE . (Hence have our roses grown). Exergue:- CORON . 18 . IVNII . 1633. On the right of the date there is a capital B for Nicholas Briot. See Medallic Illustrations vol. I, page 266/60.

Nicholas Briot (1579 - 1646) was born at Damblain in Lorraine. He was one of the chief engravers to the Paris Mint during the reign of Louis XIII and developed an improvement in the balance for striking coins. Briot arrived in England in 1625 and in 1633 he was appointed Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint. During the Civil War, he settled at Oxford and lived there until his death. It has been said that Nicholas Briots dies for coins and medals were gems of medallic art.

Diameter: 1.1 inches (2.8cm)

Weight: 0.36 troy ounces (11.2 grams)








Very good - Extremely fine.