Charles I Scottish Coronation silver medal

Charles I Scottish Coronation silver medal


Beautifully executed silver medal by Nicholas Briot issued on the coronation of Charles I in Edinburgh on 18th June, 1633. Obverse:- Bust of Charles I looking left, crowned, in falling lace collar, wearing ermine robes and the collars of the Garter and the Thistle. Legend:- CAROLVS . D : G . SCOTIAE . ANGLIAE . FR . ET . HIB . REX. Reverse:- A thistle and a rose tree combined. Legend:- HINC . NOSTRAE . CREVERE . ROSAE . (Hence have our roses grown). Exergue:- CORON . 18 . IVNII . 1633. On the right of the date there is a capital B. This looks slightly like an R in this medal due to a weakness in the punch. See Medallic Illustrations vol. I, page 266/60.


Diameter 28 cm / 11 "

c 1633


United Kingdom


Extremely Fine and well toned