Foundation of the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club silver medal

Foundation of the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club silver medal


Very rare silver medal for the foundation of the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, 1872. The obverse shows the bare head, facing left, of the Commodore - HRH Prince Arthur KG (Duke of Connaught), son of Queen Victoria. The reverse shows the crowned arms of the club within a double linear border. The RCPYC is situated in Dover and is one of the oldest yachtclubs in England. The club is still active in all sailing activities. Maker :- S J Wyon

The Cinque Ports are a group of towns comprising Hastings, Romney, Hythe, Dover and Sandwich(the original five), also Winchelsea and Rye. There was no standing navy in Britain in medieval times and the Monarch relied on such bodies as the sea-board towns to supply an agreed quota of ships in times of need. Edward I granted a charter to the Cinq Ports by which they were granted certain civil and criminal jurisdiction privileges within their boundaries as well as exemption from all taxes and tollages and other concessions. In return, the ports were required to supply the Monarch with 57 ships for 15 days on request yearly. Most of the ports privileges and obligations were abolished by the Reform Act of 1832 and the Municipal Corporation Act of1835. (See British Historical Medals vol.II by Laurence Brown, p.32 and 291).


Diameter 2 cm / 1"

c 1872






Extremely fine and nicely toned