Hester Bateman Old English serving spoon

Hester Bateman Old English serving spoon


Very elegant Old English pattern, George III silver serving spoon. By Hester Bateman, London 1790. The spoon is very nicely shaped and has a good balance. A family crest is engraved at the end of the stem depicting a squirrel rampant facing left and eating a nut. The full set of hallmarks is stamped on the reverse of the stem and the marks are crisp and clear.

Hester Batemans work always had an indefinable elegance of line which made it outstanding. She was the mother of Ann, Peter and Jonathan and grandmother of William Bateman I. Items made by Hester Bateman are very much sought after to-day. The Old English pattern is so simple and timeless that it will blend in happily with any other design of tableware. This serving spoon is in such extremely good condition that it would make an excellent gift.


Width 11 cm / 4 "