ROYAL SILVER. Ernest Augustus 3rd Duke of Cumberland & King of Hanover.

ROYAL SILVER. Ernest Augustus 3rd Duke of Cumberland & King of Hanover.


Historically interesting and beautifully made meat plate with royal conotations belonging to Ernest Augustus 3rd Duke of Cumberland (5 June 1771 - 18 November 1851), 5th son of George III
& King of Hanover.
Maker: Thomas Hemming, Principle Goldsmith to King George III. Hallmarked London 1776.

Substantial and extremely elegant meat plate with shaped, gadrooned border engraved on one side of the rim with the Royal Arms as used prior to the act of the union in 1801.
On the reverse are two sets of initials which were later engraved - EDC (Ernest Duke of Cumberland) and EA with Fs below.
EAFs refers to listed in the inventories and files of the Ernst August -Fideikommiss founded by King Ernst August (1771-1851) in 1843. The content was his own property with various acquisitions and the inheritances of his sister Auguste Sophie (1768-1840) and of his wife Friederike (1778-1841). The aim was the "Erhaltung des Glanzes Unserer Krone" (the preservation of the glory of Our Crown). The silver objects belonging to this Fideikommiss were signed with EAFs in 1855 when also the main inventory was drawn up which was revised in 1905. The lists of the silver of Auguste Sophie which are in the files concerning the Ernst August-Fideikommiss are dated 1841. Furtheron the silver is listed in the inventories of the Königliche Hof-Silber-Cammer.
The hallmarks are very clearly stamped on the reverse of the plate. The Assay Office of that time very carefully struck the full set of hallmarks for 1776 over the remnants of an older crest or coat or arms which had only been partially erased.

Length: 20.5 inches (52cm)
Width: 15 inches (38cm)
Weight: 56 troy ounces (1742 grams)




Sterling Silver




Extremely good and commensurate with its age.