Victorian Saddle Flask with Leather Holster. London 1875

Victorian Saddle Flask with Leather Holster. London 1875


Attractive Victorian tapering glass saddle flask with sterling silver collar and bayonet lid enclosed by a contemporary leather holster with straps to attach the flask to the saddle.
Maker: Thomas Johnson. London 1875.

The full set of hallmarks is clearly stamped on the silver collar and part marked on the inside of the bayonet lid. These are hidden by the lids cork lining. The base of the glass is cut in star pattern. The contemporary leather holster is in full working condition. The keep of the buckle on the vertical strap has come away on one side but could easily be stitched again in place.
It is not easy to find an antique flask like this one complete with holster and it could also be used when fishing or shooting

Length: 9.25 inches (23.5cm) including holster - 8.75 inches (22.22cm) without holster
Diameter: 2.75 inches (6.98cm) base with holster - 2 inches (5.1cm) without holster.




Silver, Leather




Excellent apart from the keep on the buckle of the leather strap.