GEORGE III Pair Sterling Silver Spurs. London 1797

GEORGE III Pair Sterling Silver Spurs. London 1797


Handsome pair of GEORGE III sterling silver spurs complete with attachment chains and buckles.
Made in London 1797 probably by John Clemenson.
The spikes on the spur rowels are complete and unbroken.
There is a story which may be apocryphal which claims that during the 1790s the Cavalry Club banned the wearing of spurs with rowels in the club because the spikes were damaging the parquet flooring and also tearing the hems of ladies skirts. From then on spurs worn in the club had to have discs rather spikes.
The hallmarks are clearly stamped on the inside of the heel. However the first letter of the makers mark is worn and not entirely clear. The buckles are stamped with the buckle makers mark.

Width including side-rings: 2.8 inches (7.11cm)
Length: 5.2 inches (13.21cm)
Weight: 3.76 troy ounces (117 grams) Pair


c 1797


Sterling Silver